Proven Cider Apples

So your interested in starting a cider apple orchard. How to begin to sort through the myriad materials on apple varieties?  What to plant? Which are best for your locale? When I started my small cider orchard in 2011, it was my inclination to compile all the available information on cider apple varieties to help inform my purchases.  Bit obsessive? I referenced books, grower and maker interviews, producer websites and bottle labels,  and nursery catalogs.  Over the years I have continued to add new varieties and additional references to existing varieties.  Today the list includes almost 250 varieties.  So which are those most frequently mentioned for cider production?


Heirloom/Duel Purpose

Other American and European Varieties


Want to learn more about apple varieties? Check out:

Apples (2017) by Roger Yepsen

The Apples of North America (2013) by Tom Burford

Apples of Uncommon Character (2014) by Rowan Jacobsen

A Somerset Pomona (2001) by Liz Copas

In the US and want to buy apple trees? Check out Cummins Nursery or Fedco.


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